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This section is youth-led and driven by them. The philosophy of Youth Speak is to create space and tools for young people to have a voice, share their observations, ideas, and innovations as well as highlight issues that they are passionate about in their city


My Street in COVID-19 Era


In 2021, the HCA program is launching the “My Street” Campaign to capture young people’s observations, experiences and perspectives as they lived through lockdowns, social distancing, online schooling and no play during the pandemic in 2020..  Our virtual microphone will visit different urban  environments and capture young people’s voices, asking them how their street changed and city transformed during COVID-19    

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Cali, Colombia


The street where I live is beautiful. It has colors, plants and a lot of life. Before Covid-19, people were happy. We were always sharing and playing. I used to be outside all afternoon. From noon to 5:00 pm! I did not ride a bike, because I did not have one then, but I played a lot with my friends. We liked playing with a ball and playing catch. When Covid-19 arrived, I felt sad because I couldn't go out. I couldn't play. I couldn't share or run around with my friends. I did not have the freedom I had before. I also felt sad because people deserved to live but because of Covid-19,  and the lack of vaccines, many died. Adapting to the restrictions was good because I learned to take better care of myself, to wash my hands every day, and not to spend so much time outside. And now I ride a bike! At home, I used to spend time playing parqués (Parcheesi) with my mother and my brother. I did homework and went to bed early.  


My recommendation to the mayor and the city is that everyone should heed and stay home. They should only go out with masks and keep the hand sanitizer on hand. They should keep the social distancing to prevent Covid-19 and only go out if they have a medical appointment or need to buy food… just for the necessary. 


12 years old