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Thiès City Snapshot

Thiès is one of the largest secondary cities in Senegal, and is a busy crossroads for people from other parts of Senegal and the sub-region. The high rate of poverty, poorly provided or inadequate sexual and reproductive health and nutrition services in Thies make adolescents particularly vulnerable to malnutrition and sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, early pregnancy, drug abuse, sexual abuse, female genital mutilation and gender-based violence. While the country has made progress in adolescent health, vitamin and mineral deficiencies remain a problem. Iron deficiency anemia affects 33.03% of adolescents, with a higher burden among adolescent girls due to biological reasons and social constraints that limit the consumption of iron-rich foods. In addition, lack of community awareness of the richness of local products causes underutilization of these products, thus aggravating the situation of adolescents.

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Fort pour le futur


Vision // The Fort Pour le Futur project is working to improve the nutrition, health, and well-being of adolescents in Thiès, Senegal

"Fort pour le futur" is a model of integrated nutrition, sexual and reproductive health and rights services, delivered in an urban context using digital technologies, that empowers adolescents. Strategic and multi-stakeholder partnerships approaches are needed to reach and involve adolescents and this partnership involve the city of Thiès, the ministries of health, youth and education; youth associations, civil society organizations and private schools. The project uses the collective experience, knowledge and networks of Nutrition International to develop and strengthen sustainable and equitable systems to improve adolescent nutrition, health and well-being and demonstrate how these systems can be applied in other urban areas.


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Improve the provision of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) services for adolescents (both boys and girls) and the use of these services by adolescents in and out of school to improve their health and nutrition status. 


Strengthen accountability systems and decision-making to improve adolescent nutrition and sexual and reproductive health through adolescent-led advocacy and adolescent-led accountability mechanisms. Governance and accountability will be further strengthened by improving data collection and analysis to inform decision-making and course correction. 


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The community actions of the young people of my city will continue with the project "Fort pour le futur" to guarantee adolescents boys and girls a safe and friendly city. We commit ourselves to be the main actors of this very important project for the health and well-being of the adolescents of the city of Thiès. Thanks to the capacity building we have received and will continue to receive from the project, we will play our part in advocacy and communication efforts for the achievement of the project's results.

Serigne Mountakha Thiam (19 years old)

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