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Some people believe in telling stories. Some believe in doing things about which stories will be told in times to come.

 Sharad Vivek Sagar, Founder, Dexterity Global


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Web Design + Impact Storytelling

We work with Changemakers 
in telling the stories that matters 

Empowering good people, doing good things

Your Work is COMPLEX,
But is Your Story SIMPLIFIED?


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You need a partner to catalyse your complex journey into stories. As a boutique creative communication studio, we work with you - the disruptors, the founder, the leaders, in:

Extracting and developing authentic creative expressions & experiences for your new website platform.

You need a partner who can deeply engage your community - funders, beneficiaries & employees; with website & digital assets that truly captures your narrative. As your tech-stack team, we work with you in developing your digital web presence by: 


Galvanising and activating your online audience through compelling perspective that motivates people to take positive action based on your impact.

It’s time to get excited about your "new" website.

How about a visually stunning bespoke website that helps you put your best version forward?

Whether you are shaping a new idea or growing a legacy; you need to have a website that reflects your brand's identity and revolutionises the User Experience with stunning design, content & visual identity. This is the era, where attention leads to engagement, and engagement builds trust. Our engagement-driven websites are the absolute future of communication.

We have been lucky enough to work with...


of our customers have come as a referral from our existing client and 90% return year over year

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So you need a new website? Or need a design refresh of your existing site? Just email us your requirements or simply call us to check if we are good fit. 

We are looking forward to connecting with you!

Image by Jr Korpa


We strategise, design and build ground-breaking websites in partnership with ambitious leaders like yourself. 

No more giving up on an idea, no more compromise on design, no more struggle with expectations alignment.

01. Strategy

02. Design

03. Build

We’ll help define your website strategy by understanding your business goals and the value you want to deliver for your customers. We take a research driven approach to our work - testing, validating and iterating throughout the process.

Our designers work on all aspects of the website design process from visual identity, through to UX and UI designs. We’re advocates of human-centered design, keeping the user front of mind - whilst creating engaging, intuitive and accessible websites.

We’re a true digital communication partner to our clients, leveraging the most appropriate technology stack for your website. We don’t shy away from ambitious projects and always look for ways to use technology to create impactful solutions.

Image by Luke Chesser

Our Work

Website Design you’ll want to tell all your friends about

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Does your site
lack that oomph?

Advantage truleap

A truleap website is beautifully designed, with smart functionality, that works lightning fast and stays solidly secure.

We eat, sleep and breathe web designing. We pride ourselves in taking your communication challenges and solving them with powerful websites. Our knowledge of how a website should be designed and built is what makes the difference and gives you the unfair advantage. We have an array of designers, web developers, visualizers, writers, community managers, trend researchers, marketers, technicians, editors and animators, all working towards one common goal - to help you become successful.


Striking Design that converts

First impression is critical. We spend a lot of time behind the scenes getting the strategy right: Researching, User Profiling, Content Strategy and working on the UX of your site. These vital steps ensures your website is user-friendly and fully functional with intuitive layouts that are easy to navigate, converting your visitors into customers.


Dedicated project manager

What if we tell you your dedicated project manager will be one of the co-founders? It gives unfair advantage to guide you – and us. If we say we’ll hit a date, we’ll hit a date. Our project manager will be the one point of contact for updating content, adding functionality, managing uploads, downtime and security updates.


Value for your investment

Your website designed by truleap might not be the cheapest. Nor will it be the most expensive. We run our little agency in a clever way that enables us to deliver the most value for your investment. 


More Storage

Our Premium plan comes with extra 10GB storage, allowing for higher-res graphics, HD videos, animations and content on your site


Domain Connection

You may have an existing website domain. We will connect it to the website at no additional cost. Even better, we will give you 1-Year free subscription to a .com domain of your choice (subject to availability)


Magical content typography

We help you redesign your communication to shine your unique identity. The typography inspired trust and commands authority. Based on your goals, we guide your visitors through a variety of actions to increase leads. Strategic placement and great design for Call to action (CTAs) that are irresistibly clickable.


Bespoke training @ handover

Our websites are built to be fully managed by you, if that's what you want. We give our clients full access and targeted training to the back-end to make any future changes. We build our sites in a modular way, building each component in a logical and systematic way that makes it simple to manage and update content even if you’re not a techie.


Mobile-first Design

You are not required to spend any additional amount for a Mobile App. All our websites are fully responsive and are designed to adapt to your Mobile Screen ensuring a professional all-device experience.


100% Secured & Stable

All our websites comes with SSL Certification where in your information is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. They say security should not be an afterthought; we say you should not have to think about it.


Rapid Load Speed

We make sure your website pages are optimised for speedy page load, whether they have images, video or just content. Website visitors and Google likes a website to load quickly.


Turnkey inhouse development

We build everything from scratch, as one team, hustling across creative and analytical decisions. Choosing the right brand color, font palette, layout design and creative image structuring can highlight your business’ strengths & impact your customer's emotions and behaviors. We convey the right message to attract the right customers.


Website Optimised for SEO

We will set up and submit your website to Google to help you get found online. We sync your website with Google SEO best-practices (H1 Tags, URL structure, creating meta tags, 301 re-directs, internal links, site architecture etc.), giving you a strong foundation for higher rankings on relevant Search Engine Results Pages (subjected to Keywords) right from the start. 


Automated Integrations

HubSpot, Marketo, ZOHO – whatever. We hook it up with Zapier (cost on actuals) and make your website do more than it would alone. Flexible landing page templates, automated workflows and emailers. Joining powerful systems to really make things fly.


Unlimited Bandwidth

The more media you add to your website, the more bandwidth it requires. We ensure the data downloading is smooth and site visitors are happy with infinite bandwidth.


Zero Downtime Hosting

We provide a complete, reliable hosting solution for your website, with more than 99.9% uptime and uninterrupted service. Works for you, even when you aren’t working.


This is Shubho, give him a call to discuss your website!

Give us a call on +91.7406226789

Website Design Process

Our website design process helps us consistently build responsive websites that packs creative design with smart functionality.

We believe that a clear process is the only way to consistently be able to build successful website. Website design is driven by aesthetic appeal and relevant content whilst giving the visitor what they want. Our web design process has multiple elements which we have simplified below to give you an overview.

Discovery // We get the ball rolling. We first seek a deep understanding of your business/brand, your audience, your competitors, your products/services and gain insight into your vision with a particular focus on your website objectives and expectations.  We do this with our 1-hour strategy call to discuss 4 Part Knowledge Transfer Process & Inputs: Idea Insights, Project Insights, Visual Insights and Target Market Insights as well as share our proprietary core content template.

Wrapping-up // This is the part where everything comes to life. Your bespoke website will now be launched into the big wide online world, ready to start growing your business and converting traffic into customers. We integrate technical aspects to ensure smooth deployment of the project including — SEO, tech integrations, testing everything, and indexing the site with Google. We’re monitor and make immediate changes on real-time basis.

Validate User Experience // Once we complete each module, we put it through vigorous pilot testing and work with you on the usability testing phase. Your suggestions and ours are actioned at this stage using website change tracker. This lasts for 1-week and scans through the finer details of each pages. 

Process Infographics.png

Audit & Industry best-practices // We conduct extensive research on your industry, competitors and audience and set-up 2-hour Brand alignment and strategy workshop to finalise and capture your preference for Voice (editorial & content) and Visual (colour palette, font, logo & mood board) aspects. Based on this, we share a photography shot-list + guidebook to help your photographer /stock images that captures the brand essence.

Creative User Interface (UI) design // In this phase we will visualise your inputs to design a sitemap that outlines the flow of your website structure, develop wireframe with all content elements for each pages and add all the smart functionalities to the front-end design look and feel for an exciting, interactive online experience. You will check and approve aesthetics and content placement in line with your expectations as well as user aims, pains and gains.

Modular Build  // Our development team will go about making your website with the functionality and front-end development. Once you’re completely happy with the designs (upto 3 rounds of iteration), we will build every page with full functionality, making sure it’s user-friendly, intuitive, and does everything you need. 

Setting up for success

Research for Relevance


Conceptual Design

Pilot Test & Improve

Development & Coding

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Screenshot 2021-12-25 at 10.53.04 AM.png
Call Now
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Handcrafted Websites reflecting the Conscious


Do something epic // Scale your Business to new heights with a stunning website


Why us?

The Websites we design aren’t expensive.
They just look that way.

Any agency can make things look good. For us, however, it's all about solving the business problem. This is why our approach focuses on iterative design helping us authenticate ideas early in the process. However, the experience is never really completed, it should continuously be improving based on changing user demands. We also work on a number of complementary initiatives to better serve our clients and have a positive impact on the world. With us you get the edge of working with not 1 but 4 specialised expertise in parallel (our in-house co-founded platforms):

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Scaling brand‘s growth story with end-to-end communication strategy

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Boost your B2B Marketing capability with the power of targeted LinkedIn Campaigns

Building the power to innovate with micro nudges using behavioural science

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Boutique website design and UX studio crafting powerful narratives with emotionally stirring digital platforms

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